Monday, December 28, 2009

Moms Using Bing?

Maybe I am just fascinated by the crazy commercials for Bing... afterall I spent 30 years working in advertising.

But, from my experience so far, I'm digging Bing for moms.

First of all, since I don't know of any mom who ever complained of having too much time on their hands, the fact that Bing gives you additional considerations (to make my life easier) to search for after you've put in your keywords is pretty ingenius.

I think the "look and feel" of Bing is far better than Google.

But I guess the question is, why did Microsoft do it? I read somewhere on a "google search" that Microsoft investing in search engines because hey conductes research with searchers and came out with the following facts:

-72% said that search results are too disorganized
-66% said that they allow search engines to make decisions
-50% said that the results fail to meet their needs

Do you think Google users were really left disatisfied?

Ok, replacing the name Live Search with Bing definitely is much cooler, especially when you're competing with the likes of Google for brand recognition.

I'd love to know if Bing has done any usability studies with moms?

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