Friday, October 23, 2009


I had read about this notion of the "Law of Attraction" but truly I can never say that it entered into my life until some January 15th of this year, the shared birthday with Martin Luther King who also had a dream. Having launched MyWorkButterfly at the home of Philanthropist of the Year, Malaak Compton-Rock, wife to Chris Rock, who believed in our mission, we new we were in for an exciting journey. Now Kathie Lee Gifford's on our journey, and so is Jill Zarin, Josie Bissett, Emme, Liz Lange, Dana Buchman, Dina Manzo, Nicole Richie, and many other incredible Celebrity and hi-profile moms. These mothers all stand behind our mission to help mothers today who are facing a huge struggle by no longer having the luxury to stay-at-home.

MyWorkButterfly provides a safe haven - a community - with free resources such as a career coach, psychotherapist and a national job board (with over 10,000 posts), plus experts in Elder Care, Child Care, Work/Life, Parenting, Money, Health, Fitness, Nutrition, Green, Relationships, Travel and more. We've attract in hundreds of like-minded Entrepreneur, Work-At-Home and Single Moms, as well as many other groups.

Almost every week, and some cases every day, I literally say something out loud that I want to happen, and magically, it happens. Its eery at times and although I question how these "miracles" as I call them keeping happening, I believe in my heart because on this special day in January I made a decision in my life to focus my energies to helping to empower as many moms as possible, all these things that I've asked for, keep coming my way. I was told by someone who studied the "Law of Attraction" that this is because I am asking for these things that they are coming my way. While I think that this is true, couple this with the fact that "when you give, you get so much more." It was only when I focused my passion to helping others that these incredible opportunities keep coming to me. Without the "Law of Attraction" I feel confident that my partner, Bradi Nathan and I would never have come so far in such a short period of time. And truly, there are so many mothers who we've met on our journey who are very spiritual and we believe this is more of a movement. Truly!

Just yesterday, I was walking into a MyWorkButterfly "Transformation" event - our first LIVE event held in New Jersey - and just inches from the door a beautiful gold/black butterfly sweeps off a plant and hits me squarely in the face.

Talk about attraction!

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