Tuesday, February 24, 2009

A Newsletter from Butterfly

February 23rd, 2009

In the past two editions of Weekly Wings we have made much to-do about the celebrities we have, and will, interview for Butterfly. We have stated how remarkable each and every one is and have clearly voiced exactly why each woman was chosen as a mentor. We truly believe, as we wrote, that you will be inspired by their stories and you will relate to their struggles.

What we would like to do in this edition of Weekly Wings is to recognize our peers who are just as important as the Kathie Lee Gifford's of this world! Women like Paula Schmitt, Founder and Editor of Mom’s Literary Magazine. Paula is a mother to five, and has devoted herself to her family and to creating a forum for moms "across the globe to share stories and triumphs... who try hard to get it right." Join Paula's Women's Literary Magazine group on MyWorkButterfly.com to connect to a fascinating group of women.

Shawn Slevin, as you may know, was the recipient of our very first Butterfly contest as she proudly invited her entire database of mothers into our community. Shawn's circle of moms grew from her organization called Swim Strong. Swim Strong "inspires kids to get off the couch and changes lives through competitive swimming." Join Shawn's Swim Strong group on MyWorkButterfly.com and become inspired, for yourself and for your children.

Kimberley Clayton Blaine, is yet another Butterfly that needs to be recognized. She is an attentive mother who has earned the title of The Go-To Mom as a national parenting expert. Her book is proudly showcased on Butterfly's home page and her informative parenting spots can be seen on thegotomom.tv.

Like Kimberley, Lynne Kenney, PsyD, also lends her expertise to TV and to radio as well. Lynne is a psychologist who "writes, produces and directs short TV/Radio content to improve the lives of families." She so kindly invited Butterfly to speak on her ever popular radio blog. (Click here to listen to Lynne's interview with Butterfly's Co-Founder Terry Starr.) You see, we too believe that celebrities and high-profile moms are fascinating but we want to make sure that your efforts and achievements as everyday moms are also recognized. We are all Butterflies, no matter where we started or how our journey may evolve.... reach out to one another on MyWorkButterfly.com as we take this journey together.

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