Tuesday, February 24, 2009

A Newsletter from Butterfly

February 16th, 2009

Love and passion are two words that are synonymous with Valentine’s Day. But, to me they are synonymous with so much more. Women. I love women and am passionate about women. And, while my husband may feel a tad jealous, I don’t care. Terry and I are so lucky to have interviewed the most dynamic and inspiring group of mothers in the past four and a half months. Mothers who are passionate about their families and love the work they do.

Liz Lange revealed to us this past week that even though some people questioned her intentions to start a maternity line, she was determined to fill a niche. Who’s questioning her now? Her line is sold nationally at Target and Nordstrom.It’s hard not to love and feel passionate about Liz and the dozens of women that will be showcased on MyWorkButterfly.com. Listen to their stories. Learn from their experiences. Know that you can love and feel passion for your family and for your job, whatever that might be.

In 2009 Butterfly will feature exclusive interviews with the following mothers who struggle everyday to “do it all”: Emme- Plus Size Supermodel and TV Personality, Anne Sutherland Fuchs- Chair, NYC Commission onWomen’s Issues, Laurie Gelman- Host of Toronto’s The Mom Show, Samantha Ettus- Best Selling Author and Web TV Host, Jane Skinner and Jennifer Griffin- Fox News Correspondents, Rebecca Lobo- ESPN Sports Commentator and Former WNBA Superstar, and Dr. Robi Ludwig- Nationally Known Psychotherapist as seen on Today, Oprah, E!, to name a few. It is hard not to feel the love and the passion for these remarkable women.

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