Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Emme, "More To Love"

Tonight I was blown away when watching new show "More To Love" hosted by none other than beautiful Butterfly Mom and Plus Size Supermodel, emme.

I've had the pleasure of meeting Emme at Malaak and Chris Rock's home at the launch of MyWorkButterfly. Although I had seen emme for years on television, what struck me in meeting her in person was not only her outer beauty, but her inner strength and tranquility.

So, tonight, even though I was invited to share in the celebration at a local gathering near her home, after putting in a very long day, I had to turn on the TV and watch. I thought it was going to be great...but it was better than great.

At first, I was struck (and I mean hard) by the women who one-by-one shared their stories with the audience. My heart felt so heavy on my chest whilst I listened intently to what society had decided for them would be most, not all, of their fates. One mentioned never having been on a date for fear that it would just be a cruel joke -- that they didn't really want to go out with her. While another said that they were happy with who they were, but couldn't find a man willing to even give them the chance to get to know who she was from the inside.

My heart was bleeding for them. Regardless of being married to a very loving husband who no matter what I weigh (depends on the time of year & stress level) thinks I am gorgeous, I can so relate to the feelings that were shared by many of these women, "I bet he'd rather have the skinny one." So sad.

As the show progressed, I found myself in a happier place because the interaction between the Bachelor and the women was beyond touching. One I believe never even held a man's hand.

So I say, thank g-d for emme, the queen of positive body image and feeling good about your size, shape, style, etc. It's time society took a look in the mirror. If the average size woman in America is a size 14, why must we be a 2? or god forbid a 4?

Can't we be more forgiving. Doesn't brains matter? Doesn't being caring mean anything? Doesn't saving a life or donating your time account for something in this country. Really. Think about it.

Terry Starr

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